Why Western Men Are So In Love With Mexican Brides

Outside of Mexico itself, it is Westerners who are most eager to meet and marry Mexican brides. And of those, the overwhelming majority are Americans. Why is this so?

Romance is a funny thing; as human beings, being “in love” is one of the most powerful “highs” we can experience. But just as their are tastes in food, music, and almost everything else, there are definitely ‘tastes’ when it comes to women.

I’ve spoken with several people at Amo Latina, one of the premier websites for Mexican mail order brides, about this very issue. What they had to say jived exactly with some recent conversations I had with two members of Amor.com, another top site that facilitates meeting women from Mexico. With plenty of experience meeting and talking with their members, it seems that Western ‘tastes’ favor Latin American women.

But what is it about these women; what are the particular qualities that differentiate these women from, say, Eastern Europeans, or Scandanavians? Many of us could more easily visualize Scandanavians, for instance: tall, light skin, light or blond hair, blue eyes. By the same token, we could probably generalize and say Latino women are darker-skinned, dark hair, etc. However I believe it is as much cultural and social characteristics as physical. This is not to say that the stereotypical “dark Latino beauty” isn’t incredibly desirable, often to the point of being almost intoxicating, but rather that it is these social and cultural characteristics that makes them so attractive and sought-after.

Along those lines, it’s both easy to see what those ‘differences’ are, and perhaps why Western – and particularly American – men look for brides there. In the West, women have striven to become “equal counterparts” to men, and have sought to have the ‘traditional’ roles of men and women become homogenized. As such, Western women can lack some of the social traits that make Latin American women attractive to Western men.

In Mexico, there is still a strong emphasis on those ‘traditional’ roles. As a result, women their tend to behave more subserviently, preserve the social and cultural ‘duties’ such as housekeeper and homemaker, primary parental caretaker, etc.

In Mexico, and most Central American and South American countries, it is the woman who does most of the child rearing. She also takes responsibility for general upkeep of the house, at least in terms of cleaning, basic housekeeping chores, etc. She does the cooking as well – and it’s worth noting, that when talking to some of these matchmaking services, one of the requests that is brought up over and over is from men looking for a wife that will “cook & clean”. Often, the emphasis is on the cooking. This is at least in part a desire to in essence ‘recreate’ the type of home environment that they themselves were brought up in. Many men, particularly Americans, over the age of 40, were raised in a home where only the husband worked. The wife was relegated to the role of “home maker” as it was known. The phrase “home maker” was at least in part an effort to give that role some added weight and equality in terms of the ‘division of labor’ between husband and wife.

In some sense, who can blame Western men today? Who wouldn’t want a beautiful bride who will cook delicious home-cooked meals, do their laundry, keep their house clean and in order, manage and raise the kids, and otherwise allow the man to live in a comfortable home, while being free of any responsibility for it other than as ‘bread winner’ – paying the bills, or “bringing home the bacon” as it’s often referred to.

It is these ‘softer’ traits that tend to make Western men so eager to find Mexican brides, and make these women so attractive to men here. Fortunately, there is no shortage of mail order brides willing and eager to maintain those traditional roles!

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