Pitfalls of Mail Order Brides

mexicanNOloveWhat is a mail order bride?

She can be the woman of a man’s dreams and make her husband’s happiness her aim. But this lady can also be after her husband’s money to escape the misery of the life that she is currently living.

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Unfortunately, the “mail-order bride” trade has many potential disadvantages and those men that want to marry foreign women should be very careful. Before you set out to look for your wife-to-be, you should know what to expect and what to look out for.

Some pitfalls of finding – and marrying – a woman you’ve met online (or through the mail) are explained in detail below for you to understand the cons of marrying foreign women.


If you are someone that decides to marry a mail order bride, then the problem that will most likely occur is difficulty in communication. You will have to start communicating through telephone, mail, email, and maybe even through video chat. If you decide to have a date with your bride-to-be, then you will have to date in the virtual world. Not all mail order brides speak English so there may be a language barrier. If you have asked an agency to help you look for your bride, then they may provide you with translation services. However, these services are not free and are expensive.


There are many mail order bride agencies on the Internet and there is a possibility that you may become the victim of a scam. Scam agencies just utilize pictures of girls on the Internet and portray them as mail order brides. They will ask you to pay large sums of cash and once you pay through your credit card you will not hear from the agency ever again.

In addition, as you might imagine, some of these ladies have personal aims. They may want to marry the man because they want to leave their deplorable conditions and their poverty stricken country behind. Do not fall for these scams. At times women will also tell you about their conditions and will urge you to send them money. You have to be smart so that you are not fooled by such women.


If they are so inclined, these women can be very smart and they will fool men by asserting their control over their life. They may use seductive ways to get their husband to give them money. Some mail order brides escape or run away after they have been able to collect money from their Western husbands. This can become a very serious case and that is why one should be careful when finding a bride through an agency.


Men have the hope that they will be able to receive more affection and commitment from their mail order bride. Western men may not have a positive experience with Western women and this is the reason why they turn to mail order brides. However, every man should be careful online because you do not know the intentions of women online. Some women may be sincere, but others have their own goals. These women are strangers and you should get to know the lady that you meet completely before you make any rash decisions.

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