Mexican Girls Or Latin Women?

Men who want to marry Latin women consider Mexican girls as the ideal brides. While similarities among Latino women are obvious, Mexicans are generally considered to have most of the desirable traits these marriage-minded gentlemen prefer.

Overall, Mexican girls are considered some of the most physically attractive, sexually alluring, and culturally desirable among Latin American women. But what specifically are these traits that are so sought after?

Physically, these girls are the arch-typical Latinas: dark skinned, usually olive to brown complected, sharp etched facial features, tending towards lithe and very skinny. Dark eyes and darker hair, typically surrounding very pretty faces. Their lips tend to be sharp and thin, with just a hint of facial hair on their upper lip. While some men consider the typical Mexican girl to be “bony and skinny”, it is precisely these characteristics that are so prized.

Looking past their face, these girls tend to have slight, skinny frames, highlighted by small busts and a relatively flat, tight buttocks. Most would be considered short by current standards. While appearances might suggest otherwise, these girls are usually very strong. In fact, their body type and musculature are part of what makes them such good dancers.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding their sexuality, and at the extreme are occasionally stereotyped as promiscuous. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Men who prefer Mexican brides know that their culture is such that extra-marital or pre-marital affairs are quite rare. In fact, these are what could be considered by some to be ‘prudes’, simply because their culture frowns on the promiscuous attitudes common among Western women and girls.

These cultural mores extend to dating. Mexican girls can be quite hard to date, in part because of the strong family ties and bias towards long-term relationships where the family has considerable say over who these girls date or get involved with. Western men, particularly Americans, often learn the hard way: before taking their prospective brides out on even a first date, they’ll have to meet at least the immediate family, and in essence “pass inspection” before the girl will be permitted to go on a date without a chaperon. Then again, it is this tight family focus that also insures strong, committed marriages should one be fortunate enough to get past that first date.

Among Latin women, it is Colombians that vie most closely with Mexicans in terms of looks or physical appearance, a strong family orientation, and similar cultural upbringing. That said, when it comes down to choice, Mexican girls or Latin women, it really is a case of “no contest”!

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