Recommended Celebrity News Websites

Celebrity news websites are always fun and exciting to access. Here, you will be able to know the most updated and latest news about various celebrities, including your favorite ones. There are a lot of entertainment news websites on the internet. Some of them are the quality ones and some others only spice news up. If you are looking for recommended entertainment news websites, here they are.

The Hollywood Reporter

It can be said that The Hollywood Reporter is a unique entertainment news website. Here, you will not only be able to find and read entertainment news, videos, and reviews, but also something serious such as a trade publication. You can also get coverage from movie events, such as Cannes and Oscar on this website. The Hollywood Reporter also provides specific sections for businesses, personal technology, popular media, style, and so on. So, this entertainment website is not only suitable for entertainment junkies, but also for every single person. If you register on this website and log in to your account, you will be able to access some trade tools to check out what is being talked about.

Just Jared

For those who prefer to read breaking entertainment news, photo galleries of famous celebrities, and pop culture gossip, Just Jared is a great source of them. This entertainment website is also a great source for you who are interested in celebrity fashion and what is becoming a trend. Teenagers can also access Just Jared because this celebrity news website also provides news about teen celebrities.

E! Online

E! Online is an entertainment and celebrity news website which offers you live event coverages, the most updated news, and many more. Besides the entertainment industry, E! Online also includes television and music. So, if you want to know the latest news related to music and television, this website can be your choice. But if you love fashion, this entertainment website can also provide it for you as well in its special section named Fashion Police.


This entertainment website covers quite a lot of things. From photo galleries, celebrity interviews, until news headlines. Hollywood also provides a bunch of showtime information so that you will be able to figure out what is coming next in theatres. You will also be able to watch trailers of the movies before you decide to buy the tickets. Are you interested to check this one of the celebrity news websites?

New York Education News: The Best Universities in NYC


New York education news, what is the best campus in this big city? New York is known as the biggest city in the US and even in the world. but this city is not really famous for the area of education. Yes, if you want to study in the US, you may prefer going to Harvard or others. But it doesn’t mean that the city is not prioritized education at all. It is proven by the establishment of some colleges there. Even those colleges are still demanded and wanted by many people all around the world. So, what are the colleges recommended to visit in New York City? Here they are.

Rockefeller University

First, there is Rockefeller University, a private college located in Manhattan. The complete address is in Upper East Side between the 63rd to 68th streets on the edge of York Avenue. Currently, the university is led by the 10th president, Marc Tessier Lavigne. Rockefeller University is known for the publishing of Journal Experimental Medicine, The Journal of General Physiology, and more. it features 72 laboratories and various types of research conducted including in areas of biochemical and biology structural.

Fordham University

Still located in Manhattan, there is also Fordham University. The private university has 3 main campuses in New York City. The university was established by the Catholic Organization of Rome in New York in 1842 with the name St. John College. But then, it was turned into an independent institution in the management of the Board of Belief. The number of students in Fordham is more than 15,000.

Barnard College

Barnard College is an art university for women affiliated with University of Columbia. it was established in 1889 spreading on the Broadway in Morningside Heights Residence. The university is located near Columbia College and other academic institutions. For women who are interested in Liberal Arts, this campus is definitely the best choice.

Columbia University

Maybe, Columbia University is the most famous university in the US that is located in New York City. The university was established in 1754 with the name King’s College. Columbia is also one of the Ivy League members. It is considered one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. It is the leader of some subjects like science, humanity, education, engineering, and more. Until 2004, there are 72 nobel winners who have affiliated with the campus. Many famous people are graduates of the university including Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, and Isaac Asimov.

Popular Small Business Ideas 2019

Looking for some popular small business ideas 2019? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Speaking about businesses, many people change their opinion about opening a small business. People used to think that working in a company is much better than opening a business. The reason? It is simple, money. People used to think that working in a company will secure their money and they can have a promising future. However, people nowadays start to open their own businesses due to flexibility and profit. The benefit of opening business is that you will have a flexible time working. You can be the boss of your own and you can work at any time and anywhere you want. You can work at your house, at a public library, at a cafe, and many more. However, you need to keep in mind that not all small businesses will be profitable. You need to know what people need nowadays. To help you, we will give you a list of popular small business idea in 2019.

Child-Oriented Business

Having kids are blessings for the parents. Parents always want to have kids because they are fun and cute until these parents have to go back to work to pay some bills. This is where you can jump in. While the parents have to go back to work, they cannot possibly leave their kids at home in front of the TV all day long. They will need someone who can take care of them. If you love kids, you can try this business.


For those who think that gardening does not need a lot of skills, you need to think twice. Gardening is also labor associated which not everyone is a fan of. You will be required to spend a lot of time, energy, and you also need to have creativity as well. If you are blessed with a green thumb and you have an eye for landscaping, you can try this business.


Just like the name, being a consultant means that you give advice to people who want to reach their professional goals. To do this popular small business idea, you will be required to have experienced. You need to master business knowledge in order to give a piece of good advice. The market is large and you can get roughly USD 75,000 per year for being a business consultant.